Thursday, 1 March 2012

Meyer Lemons and Dydd Gwyl Dewi

When life hands you Meyer lemons make pancakes, delicious with a drizzle of mel de cana!
Mild and sunny enough today to get the garden table out of hibernation and eat these in the garden.

These were a lovely gift. I have never tasted nor even seen a Meyer lemon before. They are a bit rounder and softer than a lemon and a more golden yellow with a lovely fragrant smell.
Very lemony, though maybe a little sweeter than a lemon, the lemon flavour has a hint of mandarin.

March 1st is St David's day in Wales ( in Welsh Dydd Gwyl Dewi) and people there traditionally wear either a daffodil or a leek to mark the day, They have similar names in Welsh Cenhinen (leek) and Cenhinen Pedr (daffodil, literally "Peter's leek")
St David's is a pretty little place in Pembrokeshire in Wales, actually it is the smallest city in Britain as it has a cathedral. It is very near the sea but built in a hollow so that in the days of marauding hordes it could not be seen from the sea.