Monday, 4 October 2010

Cinnamon Bun Day

Cinnamon Rolls, Nordic Bakery, London.

It's Cinnamon Bun day today in Sweden. Also known as cinnamon rolls these delicious treats are made by spreading a mix of cinnamon, butter and sugar onto a sheet of dough then rolling it up.
They are served in several Northern European countries including Finland and Iceland. The first time I tried one was on a whale watching trip in the north of Iceland. It came with a mug of hot chocolate. The Finnish version is larger and is called korvapuusti which means 'a slap on the ear'!
I have also baked them using the recipe on Annes Food blog
You can buy them frozen from Ikea. They are good but the ones from the Nordic bakery pip them at the post.

Saturday, 2 October 2010

Borough Market, Southwark London.

Borough Market is London's oldest food market. Near Southwark Cathedral on the Thames at London Bridge, much of it is tucked away among the railway arches under the viaduct. By night it is a wholesale fruit and veg market, by day a foodie's delight.
The only other time I have been here was years ago as part of a painting course. The night time market had long finished and at that time there was no daytime market so the brighly coloured fruits and vegetables had gone. We had the challenge of painting this empty place in different colours that were to be all the same tone. It was a useful lesson.
I looked forward to seeing the place buzzing and alive with colour and smells of food.
As I wove my way around this gourmet maze I was offered all sorts of goodies to taste. Olives from Greece, wafer thin Jamon from Spain, Turkish meze and Turkish delight, a spoonful of green Thai chicken or Carribean chicken curry, a thimbleful of mulled wine, little cubes of cheeses from England, France, Italy, Spain, Holland..... and chocolate brownies. Trains rumbled overhead and as lunchtime approached the market became more crowded.
My Italian lunch came from Gastronomica, ciabatta with Mozarella, Parma ham and rocket. To take home we bought some duck confit and a very heavy bag of cheeses, Remeker from Boerkaas and Mayfield from E Sussex and a big hole in the pocket!
Then time to leave for lunchtime jazz at the Southbank Centre.
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Mulled wine with lavender

or time for some Pimms or Sangria

cheeses from the Dutch Frisian Isles

From Flour Power City bakery there are artisan breads and cakes. Their luscious chocolate brownies are made with 30% Caillebout chocolate and butter and eggs

giant meringues flavoured with raspberry, strawberry or chocolate sit next to Portuguese custard tarts ( Pastel de Nata)

Outside some of the stall holders and shoppers brave the wet weather