Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Baking with Lavender

It was the Carshalton Lavender Open week end last weekend.
These biscuits were for sale on Kathleen's stand pictured below. The recipes are shared here with her permission.
 The semolina gives a crunchy texture and I like the strength of the lavender flavour.
 If you haven't tasted it before and you are not sure about it try just 1tsp of flowers. If you don't like the texture of the flowers you can buy a natural culinary lavender essence for cooking here. or blitz the flowers with the sugar.
 Don't use lavandula stoechas, that's the one with rabbit ear petals, usually called French or Spanish lavender. It doesn't taste as good as it contains camphor.
Queen Elizabeth 1 is said to have enjoyed lavender in a conserve and used it for migraines. The French have traditionally used it in herbes de Provence. Long out of fashion in food in the UK lavender has started popping up again in foodie restaurants and recipes. Some people don't like the idea as it make them think of soap.
The biscuits were sitting alongside various creations crafted by Kathleen and friends and included some pretty cupcakes.
I had a stand for my paintings and silk scarves which you can see on my art blog

more lavender cupcakes