Thursday, 30 May 2013


Sohan is a delicious and very rich flat biscuit from Iran. It is made from honey, butter, flour, sugar, pistachios, almonds and flavoured with saffron and cardamom. I haven't found a recipe yet so I don't know the proportions to use.
Koosha is the name of the company that makes this particular sohan and this tin was brought from Iran as a gift.
Sohan can be bought in London.

I found a recipe for sohan asali Persian honey candy, It has similar ingredients and is a sweet rather than a biscuit.  From the ingredients it probably has the texture of butterscotch. Sohan Koosha is also like butterscotch but with a touch of the crumbly textures of a biscuit.

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baahar said...

yum! these look great. I will look out for some in eastern stores around :)