Monday, 27 April 2015

Coffee and Cake in Vienna

Our first experience of a Viennese coffee house was at Heiners in Karntnerstrasse. I had truffle torte with a cup of melange. A melange is similar to a cappuccino but creamier and in Vienna is served with a glass of water. The truffle torte was the best I had in Vienna and all the coffees were good.

 At the cafe at Sconbrunn palace I had an apple strudel with a melange.
Several times a day on the hour there is a demonstration showing how an apple strudel is made.

 Sacher torte at the Cafe at the Spanish Riding School

Plum streusel cake at the hotel breakfast.

 Cafe Central in Herrengasse (below) dates back to 1876 At the turn of the 20C it was frequented by Sigmund Freud.

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baahar said...

So many familiar sights :) I am happy that you liked it in Vienna!