Monday, 4 October 2010

Cinnamon Bun Day

Cinnamon Rolls, Nordic Bakery, London.

It's Cinnamon Bun day today in Sweden. Also known as cinnamon rolls these delicious treats are made by spreading a mix of cinnamon, butter and sugar onto a sheet of dough then rolling it up.
They are served in several Northern European countries including Finland and Iceland. The first time I tried one was on a whale watching trip in the north of Iceland. It came with a mug of hot chocolate. The Finnish version is larger and is called korvapuusti which means 'a slap on the ear'!
I have also baked them using the recipe on Annes Food blog
You can buy them frozen from Ikea. They are good but the ones from the Nordic bakery pip them at the post.

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karuski said...

I love korvapuusti, ahem cinnamon roll I mean;)

Nothing beats a homebaked one, it's just a bit time consuming process. I tend to bake them twice a year or so.