Sunday, 1 January 2012

Apple Peeler Slicer Corer

This sturdy piece of kit has a suction cup at the base to secure it to the worktop. The apple is pushed on to the 4 prongs lining it up along its core. Turn the handle and ribbons of peel spiral off like spaghetti while the apple is sliced and cored in just seconds. Great for apple pies. The thickness of the peel can be adjusted.
The slicing and coring bit can be moved aside if you only want to peel. Ideal for getting ribbons of orange zest. I prepared the orange zest for Cranberry and Orange Relish using Delia Smith's recipe. Lovely with the Christmas turkey. I also mixed some with mayo and added it to chopped red cabbage and red onion for serving with cold ham.
Go and have a look here This is the cast iron and stainless steel version. It is based on an original Victorian design.

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Erika Price said...

That gadget looks great Tessa! Thanks for the link too, I've wanted one for ages to help deal with our annual Bramley apple crop!