Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Chillis and Tomatoes From the Garden

 I bought 2 chilli plants from a Summer fete in June The variety above is Cheyenne and the one below is Apace. Both are medium hot.
The 3rd one with the upward facing fruits came from Waitrose. There is a variety called Facing Heaven with upwards facing chillis but I don't know whether this is it.

Chilli Apache

Facing Heaven ?

Tomato Tangela
 These tomatoes ripen to an orange yellow colour and are juicy, sweet and flavoursome. This is an heirloom variety. The seeds came from a Cottage Garden society seed exchange and were a few years old. I sowed the seed quite late around the end of May so they have done well to have caught up and produced so many tomatoes helped by the heat wave in July and August.

Below from the left Marmande, Tangella, Gardeners Delight and ?
The ones in the pots by the house did well but the ones up the garden got blight.


baahar said...

They look wonderful. Nothing better than fresh produce from your garden :)

Susanne Guirakhoo said...

I had the same experience with tomatoes: they seem to do much better in the pots.

Your plants are beautiful!