Monday, 1 February 2010

Raspberry and Chipotle

I have been dipping in and out of foodblogs for some time now. One of the first that I found was when I was looking online for a chocolate and courgette cake recipe. That blog is called Chocolate and Zuccini. As well as finding the recipe I was looking for I found so much more. There were other lovely recipes of course, interesting comments and insights from readers, French idioms and a store of treasures listed down the side ....... links to other food blogs! One of those links took me to Anne's Food. On Anne's wish list is Raspberry and chipotle sauce. I had never heard of this but as chipotle is one of my favourite ingredients already in the store cupboard and I had raspberries growing in the garden, I thought I would try and devise a recipe. More of that in another post.
I shall hope to feature some of the food bloggers who have inspired me to start this blog as well as with their recipes and their generosity.

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ZudaGay said...

I love food blogs...I can't wait to read more!!