Thursday, 4 March 2010

Duck with Chorizo and Bean Stew.

This is my version of Cassoulet. It is quick to put together and should feed 4 hungry people.

4 duck portions
Slices of chirizo
I large onion chopped
I can cannelini beans
Lots of garlic ( several cloves at least)
Several glugs of red wine ( about ¾ pint)
2 tbs tomato puree
1 tsp French mustard
2 tsp Marigold veg stock powder
1 Savoy cabbage cut into chunks
4 medium or large potatoes, thickly sliced
Picante pimenton powder (smoked paprika)
Olive oil

I use a large orange Lecreuset pot so the whole meal is cooked in the one pot from start to finish.
Fry the onion and garlic in the olive oil for a few minutes. Add the red wine, tomato puree, veg stock powder and French mustard and stir well then add the beans.
Place the duck portions on top of this mix and put slices of chorizo on the duck portions, chunks of cabbage next and finish with slices of potato. Sprinkle with picante pimenton powder. Put the lid on and cook in the oven gas 4 (medium heat) for about 2 hours.

Sorry no photo, in a hurry to eat and camera not working.

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