Saturday, 15 May 2010

The Taste Bomb aka Dahi Puri

If you get the chance to eat at Kastoori's these are not to be missed!

Kastoori is a friendly family run restaurant, a South London legend specialising in Gujarati/East African vegetarian dishes with lots of big, hot and spicy flavours

The taste bomb is to be eaten in one. That way you get the explosion of sweet sour flavours and the contrasting flavours and textures all happening at the same time. A puri is a circle of flatbread that puffs up to a crisp shell when deep fried. They are then filled and topped up with pani sauce. They are served with sweet and sour sauce and yogurt.

Kastoori Restaurant, Tooting, S. London

How to Make Puris these are much larger than the taste bomb puris.

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Anonymous said...

omgosh, i love, love, love these! haven't had them in aaages... *drools on pc monitor*