Monday, 23 August 2010

Miso and Cucumber Soup

How cool is that? As a cucumber I suppose. The 2 cucumber plants that I got at the plant swop earlier in the year have done well. The cukes are smaller than supermarket ones at about 6-8in or 15-20cm and have a good flavour. I devised a soup to make use of some of them and included some Cavallo nero also from the plant swop.


2 cukes
1/2 onion
4 teacups or 3 mugs water
2 tsp Marigold's miso stock powder
small piece of fresh ginger between 1-2in (2.5-5cm) to taste
1-2 handfuls of chopped Cavallo nero (kale)

I chopped all the ingredients using a Thermomix then cooked for about 20 min.
I then blitzed the mixture till the chunks of veg virtually vanished.
I added the kale and cooked for a few more minutes.
The ginger and kale were an afterthought and made all the difference to the flavour.

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